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New moon in Pisces today!

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 Loading Add to favourites  2 Comments

‘Pisces’ artwork by Josephine WallToday’s new moon in Pisces, allows us to indulge in our feelings of compassion and love towards all. This is a visionary time with a desire for peace and love. Worldwide peace begins with the self, so use this time to offer yourself some unconditional love and set about healing your own life.

Work through all the things you are addicted or attached to and see them for what they are. Recognise that none of these things are lasting, nor are they reliable. The only thing you have is *you*; your Self and your connectivity with the Divine. The greatest of our illusions is separateness, so share your bounty and give away that which you no longer need as a simple ritual for today.

Compare the world ‘out there’ to your own life and inner world. The outer world is made up of all our collective thoughts and actions. If you perceive a violent word full of war and hatred then ask yourself how you might be contributing to that.

What anger, hatred and violence do you have locked within you that is contributing to this negative world-wide energy? It’s time to let it all go. Acknowledge it, validate it, give thanks for the purpose it has served in your life and then let it go. Pisces constellation

Take responsibility for all the hurts you may have perpetrated towards others, either consciously or unconsciously and let them go too. Apologise either through meditation or in person and allow yourselves to move on from a place of love. Through these rituals of release we can begin to re-affirm our oneness.

Our collective life is limited or expanded by the images that circulate through mass culture. So today, you really do have the chance to create a better world with your thoughts and actions.

Ritual for moon in Pisces

Surround yourself with a bubble golden light and make a strong link with your own soul and the Divine. Allow to fully come to the surface that part of you that feels lost, helpless and overwhelmed by the difficulties of life, that part that wants to just lie back and have someone else take care of it. Let the self-pity and the wish to escape from it all by blotting out consciousness come welling up. Then again forge the link with the Divine and with your own eternal self. Imagine a golden rain falling in your bubble and let the rain washes away all the hopeless, helpless feelings. They all flow down a drain beneath your feet and you are left with a clear sparkling bubble of golden light.
End with the affirmation “I experience my connection with the Divine”

Gorgeous artwork of Pisces at the top of the article is ‘Pisces’ by Josephine Wall

Ritual for moon in Pisces, taken from Donna Cunningham’s “Moon signs” book. To buy the book, click on the book cover!

Moon Signs by Donna CunninghamMoon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life

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