Recognition day – may 4th

recognition day - say thank you to someone!Here’s a fun way to celebrate today! Recognition day is having its second Birthday, so let’s all join in a give this quirky little day our support.

Recognition day is the day to say thank you. We all know how good it feels to get genuine praise or thanks. However, we seem to live in a society where it comes easier to complain rather than say thank you.

Any of us in a long term relationship will know how easy it is to take our loved ones for granted. Why not stop and say Thank You to your partner or children today for all that they do to enrich your life?

Tell them why you appreciate them, give thanks for their kindness and support, or give them praise for something they have achieved. Tell your friends howtell your loved ones how much you appreciate them today much you appreciate them being in your life or tell your colleagues what you admire about them.

How about stopping a stranger and telling them what a difference they make to the world?

Stop the postman and tell him how to appreciate him or her bringing your letters everyday. Tell the dustman how much he does to keep your home healthy and free from rubbish, whatever the weather. Stop and make eye contact with the checkout person and tell them what a great service they provide.

Let’s use this day as an excuse to put our cynicism aside, and allow some kindness and love to flood the earth.

Who did you say Thank You to today and what was their response when you did?