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Green and healthy Easter treats? @MyVoucherCodes

Submitted by on Thursday, 21 March 2013 Loading Add to favourites  One Comment

easter-bunnyEaster is early this year, and the shops have been full of chocolates and treats since Christmas.

I love the energies of Easter. We’re not Christian, but we like to welcome spring and the potential of new life with our own Ostara celebrations.

We keep things pretty low key – a centre piece on the dining table with a vase crammed with short stems of flowers in bud, some decorated eggs and anything we find on our walks that symbolises growth to us.

We might plant some seeds or just spend time pottering in the garden making plans for the rest of the year.

Little Miss Green is a ‘things’ person and, even though that doesn’t fall in line with my own values, I’ve accepted this is who she is.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for small Easter gifts that are green and healthy:

Raw chocolate

Did you know the right kind of chocolate is actually good for you? It contains trace minerals and powerful antioxidants, but I’m not talking about that bar of Nestle you find in the supermarket. I’m talking about raw chocolate, sweetened with natural sweeteners such as dates or honey. You can find a great selection in health food shops with flavours you’d never imagined!

Fairtrade flowers

All flowers are not created equal. In some areas of the world, growers use toxic pesticides and sprays with little or no protection for their own health. The devastating effects of this work can be wide ranging and even lead to death. Most flowers are grown in hot houses and then flown thousands of miles to reach our shops. Buy local, season flowers and support an independent florist  where possible or at least buy Fairtrade to reduce your impact.


So many toiletries contain an toxic array of chemicals, preservatives and fragrances that can cause skin reactions and might even be carcinogenic. I remember when I first discovered natural brands and was overjoyed to find such deliciously smelling treats that supported people in Developing countries as well as being healthy for me to use. You can get discount vouchers online to make the budget go further such as The Body Shop voucher code or why not make your own bath bombs and scrubs?


My favourite types of gifts to give are IOU vouchers that give of my time and energy. What better gift to give – it’s priceless! Little Miss Green values my complete attention; which I have to admit, I don’t always give. Sometimes I’m talking to her whilst typing an email and I feel bad about that. So this year I’ll be spending time with her, away from screens – we’ll play board games, I’ll listen to her telling me about her life right now and we’ll enjoy some time in nature away from the house and all its distractions.

What about you – how do you celebrate Easter?


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