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hemp, bamboo and soybean clothing

Just a quick post from me today. The weather is dragging me from my computer at the moment – yipee! Yesterday we were out and about all day – visiting neighbours, doing a little gardening, taking photos and generally enjoying the most perfect of spring days. Last night I had that glorious glow on my…

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Ethical, sustainable, organic, biodegradable underwear made from pine trees?

I came across an amazing site today when researching information for an eco friendly Valentine’s Day. I usually stick to UK companies, but our friends at g=9.8 (/ France, definitely deserve a mention. They sell gorgeous sustainable, organic, ethical French underwear made from fibres derived from the recycling of white pine-tree pruning! They are passionate…

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Ethical fashion from Asda?

Last year, Asda were questioned by anti-poverty campaigners over their school uniforms. The high street chain were selling a complete uniform, including shoes for less than £10. Asda claimed they were ‘ethically sourced’ but according to War on Want (, Bangladeshi garment workers, who supply Asda clothing were working 80 hours a week with enforced…

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