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eco friendly cooking – 10 tips

We take daily meter readings here at Chez Green and despite having an A rated cooker, our energy use from making meals is undoubtedly one of the biggest aspects of our energy usage. There are many things you can do, however, to reduce the amount of energy you use. Here are our tips; please add…

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Aquapax – the most ecologically sourced water

A few months ago, I came across Aquapax pure mineral water. It’s the champagne of ‘bottled’ waters, only it doesn’t come in a bottle, it comes in a tetra pak carton! I must admit, my first thought at putting water in a tetra pak was why? Plastic is ok (well it’s not ok from a…

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Oh nuts; Oh balls!

Nuts or balls Which one shall I go for? I’ve seen some of those eco wash balls on offer through a company called ‘Nature’s Wisdom’, and I’m wondering whether they are a magnificent creation, designed to save me water, electricity and detergent or whether they are a greenwashing hoax destined to relieve me of nothing…

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