An abundance of gifts……

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An abundance of gifts from Mother NatureI love the synchronisities of the Universe. Yesterday was such a beautiful and perfect spring day I was not going to be sitting behind the computer all day; hence the lack of post.

We went out and took some photographs in our local area of animals, wildlife and soft, white fluffy clouds.

We also did a massive declutter and did trips to the recycling centre (and found out, joyfully, that we can recycle tetrapaks just two miles from our home – yay!)

After that we took some clothes, books and toys to our local charity shop. While there we signed up to ‘Gift Aid It’ which means the charity can get an extra 28p for every pound on the items of ours they sell. It’s a win-win situation for all.

We had just got back through the door when the phone rang. It was a friend of mine who wanted to organise collection of her food co-op order (more on setting up a food co-op another day).

I spent a couple of minutes enjoying all the space I had created and my friend turned up with the hugest, fullest black bags of clothes you could ever imagine. “I thought you might like to go through these” she said……..

Likewise, we have finally, after about five years, decided to clear out the front garden. We’ve got a little tired of explaining to people who need to find us that we are the ones with a front garden like a farmyard. It’s been little more than a glorified wood yard but this is the year of the tidy front garden according to Mr.Green.A picture of the Universe to put things in perspective!

So off to the recycling we went with some rubble (apparently it is ground down and used to make temporary road surfaces) and filled two compost heaps with dead grass and sawdust ready to plant fresh lawn seed.

When we got back in, we had a phone call. “We’ve had two trees come down; we thought you might like the wood……………”

Nature abhors a vacuum it would appear. When you make space, something will come to fill it. If only we had the courage to trust in this more often and use it to manifest the things in our life that we desire.

It reminds me of a friend I was talking to this week. She’s a wonderful woman; very gifted, compassionate and with a great capacity to love. She has done so many courses in the short three years I have known her that we’ve both lost count. Reiki, crystals, sound healing; you name it, she has done it.

I gently nudged her toward the ‘so when are you going to offer your services to the world?’ conversation to which she replied she was open to giving help to others, but no one came to her for therapy despite advertising and getting the word out.

Further on into the conversation she shared that from 10-7 every day she was at work. That hardly leaves time for seeing clients does it?

abundanceWe talked about taking a leap of faith and giving messages to the Universe that she was here, ready, willing and WITH A SPACE to help. The most important aspect of this would be to TAKE ACTION. In her case it might mean taking half a day off work each week, renting a room in a health clinic and literally making herself available.

It’s a tough call, but sometimes it’s just the push the Divine needs to bring things to us. Energy works in the same way as matter, to my perception. Just as you cannot physically get anything new into a packed drawer or wardrobe, you cannot bring anything new into your life if it is already fit to bursting with other ‘important’ things, such as 45 hours a week at work, accumulating stuff and watching TV.

The Universe is richly abundant; and we are too. If we can just stop every now and then and feel true gratitude for all the wonderful things we have in our life, then more for us to feel grateful about will come into our lives.

Have a beautiful day – and remember to look for miracles………:)


  1. Melissa McCann on March 20, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Mrs. Green,
    First of all, wonderful site! I’ve been lacking inspiration on a personal level to write down and set to accomplishing my goals (winter doldrums? post-baby blues? ) but since now I feel that fog clearing and finding sites like yours that inspire, maybe I can get to it. And living green and creating peace in my life and in those around me are the two big ones, you can bet I’ll be here often.
    Also, thanks for the wonderful comment on my site. I’ve been questioning continuing the site right now, what with my time being so limited, but perhaps knowing people are reading and finding value in my writing is just enough to keep me going.

  2. Al Tepper on March 22, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Hey Mrs G, nice site, nothing like a constructive day to ensure positivity eh?



  3. Mrs Green on March 23, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Hi Melissa and Al,
    Thank you both for taking the time to comment.

    Melissa, I am so pleased that you found something in these words. I love that my comment has inspired you to continue with your blog. That exact same thing happened to me; and as they say, what goes round, comes round……….

    Al, as a believer in the Law of Attraction, I’m figuring that positive and constructive days with a good dose of gratitude bring us more of the same! And that can only be a good thing 😉
    I am perfectly capable of focusing on what is wrong / missing / bad, so when I ride the wave of positivity, I love to get it down in writing for others to share.

    Wishing you both a love-filled evening,
    Mrs G x

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