Changing the world; one jigsaw piece at a time

united we can change the worldThis weekend, Little Miss Green and I worked on a 3D jigsaw of the globe. We sat for two hours and meticulously sorted through the pieces to make half of the world. Not bad going; I’m sure God would have been impressed with that rate. I believe it took seven days back then…………….

It was an interesting project with so many facets – certainly more than just another jigsaw puzzle.

It occured to me how we are all like parts of a jigsaw. Each and every one of us here on planet earth. We are all interdependent, *needing* one another for some things. Able to exist alone for others.

But we all come together to become more than the sum of the parts and to create something beautiful and miraculous.

I think of my own tolerance levels while I am making this jigsaw and think of my friends, acquaintances“save the world, save Energy” by Christine Chen, family members and colleagues. I am acutely aware of having an intolerant, critical side of my nature and I struggle to keep her in check in my every day life.

As I grow older though, I begin to understand more why we are all so different, with different values and beliefs.

I am reminded of a quote I read years ago. I don’t remember the exact words, but it goes along the lines of ‘Nobody can do everything. Everybody can do something. Together we can do anything’. (if anyone knows the exact quote, please contact me and put me out of my misery!)

I think to my friend who doesn’t care what she eats or feeds her children, but will not use a car because it pollutes the air. Then I think to someone else I know who goes on two long haul holidays each year, but meticulously recycles *everything*. Another person buys more new clothes than I buy food, but spends a lot of her time volunteering to make the world a safe place for people. Another drives everywhere, even to the local shop, but only buys fair trade items…………

working together to make the world a better placeTogether then, these wonderful people who I am honoured to know, are making the world a better place in their own way. Alone, or with one missing, they are separate jigsaw pieces – pretty to look at, but at risk of getting lost or forgotten. Put them together and they encircle the world with their passions, blessings and lifestyle choices. They become something functional, beautiful and perfectly complete. A Unity. A Whole.

When we put together our passions and actions we can literally re-create and change the world……

To buy the puzzleball, click on the globe below!

Ravensburger 240 pieces puzzleball world map

Ravensburger Puzzleball 240 Pieces Illustrated World Map


  1. Cath on March 25, 2008 at 6:43 am

    Where did you find that puzzle, sounds amazing!


  2. Mrs Green on March 25, 2008 at 9:02 am

    Hi Cath!
    It was gift, so I shall ask the giver and let you know this week.
    It most definitely is fun and an amazing thing to do. I’d always been intrigued to see if they work – it appears they do 🙂

  3. Mrs Green on March 26, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Hi again, Cath.
    The jigsaw came from Amazon – I’ve put a link to the specific globe in the post above, but there are lots to choose from of varying sizes by this particular company 🙂

    Mrs G x

  4. Cath on March 28, 2008 at 5:09 am