Choosing Fair Trade products


Fairtrade fortnight begins on Monday. Buying fairtrade means that the growers or workers have been given fair pay and treatment for their contribution to the making of the product.

There are many products to choose from. Look through these fifteen ideas for inspiration and see what you can find in your local shops.

1- When you next buy an item of clothing, choose fair trade cotton. From Natural Collection, Bishopston Trading and People Tree to M&S and Debenhams on the high street, choices are growing all the time.

2- Say it with flowers. Mothers’ Day is coming up and so is Easter. Why not choose fair trade flowers? Deliveries can be made from Interflora and bouquets can be picked up with your weekly shop from supermarkets such as Waitrose.

3- Start your day with a cup of Fair Trade tea or coffee. Readily available in supermarkets or through health food shops, you can get yor caffeine fix with a conscience.

4- Get Juicy! Fair trade fruit juice can be bought in tetrapaks. Fruit passion is one of our favourites and comes from supermarkets and health food shops. For a better range of fair trade items, why not set up a food co-op, such as suma?

5- Feeling fruity? From dried to fresh, there’s no excuse to not eat fair trade fruit. Most stores stock fair trade bananas as standard and who can resist Tropical Wholefoods dried mango? We get through loads of it at Chez Green!

6- Sweet treats. Yes, you can have your fair trade cake and eat it. Infact you can buy fair trade chocolate bars, biscuits, flapjacks and all manner of delicious goods. Check out your local store for availability of try the Traid Craft online shop.

7- You can begin the day with fair trade cereals too. Doves Farm is a good brand to look out for and Traid Craft’s range of muselis are delicious! The tropical one has mango and papaya in it, while apricot and cranberry is packed with fruity goodness.

8- Sweeten your life with fair trade honey. Rowse can be found in some supermarkets and Equal exchange is another great brand to look out for. You can also buy fair trade jam!

9- A fair trade tipple. Beers, wines and ales are all available with the farmer in mind. The Co-op sell a lovely organic, fair trade beer which is worth trying.

10- Finish your day with a cup of fair trade hot chocolate. Companies such as Divine and Traid craft will send you to bed with a clear conscience and plenty of sweet dreams.

11- Clean up your act! You can even buy fair trade tissues, kitchen roll, toilet tissue and rubber gloves. Even your cleaning the dirt can be fair trade!

12- A stunning range of household gifts and jewellery are available from Traid Craft. Why not choose fairly traded Birthday presents and Christmas gifts for your loved ones this year and share the love?

13- Let’s wrap it up in fair trade paper and write in beautiful hand made cards. Again, Traid craft come up trumps with their beautiful range of hand made, hand embroidered cards. The lady bird is my favourite!

14- Something to put it in. You need something to put your purchases in, so why not choose a fair trade shopping bag from Natural Collection? Made from jute, these strong bags help you carry the reduce, reuse, recycle message in style.

15- Sleep sweet. Imagine wrapping yourself in luxurious fair trade cotton for the night? You can do exactly that, with Natural Collections range of fair trade bed linen. It’s organic too – what more can you ask for?

What about you – what is your favourite fairtrade purchase and where did you buy it from?


  1. Timothy Fitzgerald Young on March 1, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Nice article with comprehensive listing of sources. If I may add my first and only organic Fair Trade fruit preserves in the nation. We make all low sugar formulas with lots of wine and herb infusions. You can buy gifts boxes or individual products on our site. I’m also a former board member of the Domestic Fair Trade Association and my farm/facility has been part of a pilot test for domestic standards.

    I also make organic Fair Trade preserves under the Fair Harvest brand.  They can be purchased at many food co-ops in the midwest.

  2. Mrs Green on March 16, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Hi Timothy, welcome to Little green Blog. Well done on creating such a great company that combines healthy eating with fair trade. We always like to hear of relevant new ventures and wish you well with your business.
    Do check back and let us know how you are getting on and tell us about any news or latest products 🙂