Meals from leftovers – tuna and cheese tarts

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tuna tarts topped with cheeseToday, upon daring to open the fridge door, I was confronted with enough tuna to make a small sandwich, a tablespoon or so of sweetcorn, half a red pepper, a couple tablespoons of double cream, a small square of cheese and some broccoli.

I ended up making some twelve amazing savoury tarts that would have given higgidy pies a run for their money. Little Miss Green said ‘You could charge at least £5 for one of these – couldn’t she Dad?’
So cute – they were the size of jam tarts 😀

I made some pastry, cut it into twelve three inch circles and lined a jam tart tin with them.
Then mixed up the tuna, sweetcorn, diced pepper, double cream and added some tomatoDon’t throw ‘leftovers’ away - start to see them as ingredients ketchup so that it was a paste consistency.
I put a generous teaspoon of the filling into each of the pastry cases and topped with a little grated cheese.

While they were cooking in the oven, I steamed the broccoli.

Et voilà – a really tasty meal made from scraps that might otherwise have been thrown away.
They had a big thumbs up from my two, so I can claim success with this one and will be making it again. They were a bit like posh canapés you’d pay a fortune to buy.

Instead of seeing ‘left overs’, why not view these goodies as ‘ingredients’ and let your imagination run free. Check out the Love Food, Hate Waste site for ideas if cooking if you prefer to follow a set recipe.

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