My cut the crap Saturday

I came, I saw, I procrastinated for a few daysI deserve a medal, I really do. Even though I say so myself. I’ve been gradually building up to explosion point regarding Little Miss Green’s bedroom.

I do have the take that it’s her room and she can basically do as she wishes in there, but when I can no longer get to the airing cupboard, the cat’s been unusually quiet and absent for a few days and her wardrobe contains a mixture of clean clothes, dirty pants and mouldy cups sporting green fury jumpers, I feel it is my duty to intervene.

The final straw came when I went in there to put away clean clothes and I trod on a drawing pin. And then I stubbed my toe on something hard that was hidden beneath something soft. (note to self; enter bedroom with safety shoes, bullet proof vest and hard hat in future and don’t swear when the window is open because ALL the neighbours can hear you and will avoid eye contact when they next see you).

When I went to prepare breakfast and found there were no spoons in the drawer I figured desperate times called for desperate measures………….

Little Miss Green was at Grandma’s all day so with rubbish bags and storage boxes in hand I took my life into my own hands. I felt a bit dishonest going in there while she wasn’t around, but as any parent will testify; if you get them to help, it takes all day and a few raised voices because suddenly every chewed pen lid with cracks in, ball of fluffy sellotape and empty chocolate wrapper is their favourite treasured object.

I have kept everything I have ‘thrown away’ just in case I have committed an ultimate sin.  I’m trying to find a compromise and be reasonable to Little Miss Green’s feelings on this. She has until Wednesday to claim anything.

I must admit a clash of values while I was in there. I was in a bad mood you see; it wasbig pile of cut-the-crap papers ready for shredding hot, I had better things to do, I had been asking her to tidy for around a week and I just didn’t want to do it. And as a result of that I have lots of things to go into the landfill. A whole swing bin liner full  to be precise and it *is* just rubbish to my old boring fart of a parental mind – ripped paper, torn cardboard, dried out pens, chewed Hama beads (please, no comments, they were a Birthday gift and I have never forgiven (and nor am I likely to) the giver), old bits of rice cake (maybe I should have made her eat them for tea), pencil shavings………

I could have been more careful in separating it – paper into the paper recycling, card into the cardboard, but I just had ENOUGH. So, due to my procrastination, the environment now suffers because I lacked care and reverence. Sorry Mother Nature…………

Anyway, the deed is done and I know Little Miss Green needs some guidance; just ten minutes a day is all it would take. I usually have the best of intentions and make ‘tidying the bedroom’ the first job of our day, but then after a week it all gets a bit boring and I’d rather be out in the garden or stroking the cat. Maybe I need to remember that I just spent 3 hours in her room when I next feel the pull of the outdoors.

Fortunately I got something done that I DO feel good about. I sorted through my filing cabinet. I have a big pile of papers to shred that are out of date and I can actually get my hand in between the suspension files. Having my filing cabinet in order brings me a strange sense of pleasure and accomplishment. I know that when it is organised, my paper work is easier to manage and I don’t end up with any bills for ‘late payment’ because I have been unable to find relevant papers. This has happened so many times in the past, and around this time last year I made a promise to myself that it wouldn’t happen again.

Fortunately, as I was typing up, Little Miss Green entered her bedroom, rummaged through all the drawers, muttered something and came out without a comment. I can now breathe; as I was waiting for the proverbial shit to hit the fan.

Now all I need to do is stick a couple of things on Freecycle and the evening is all mine! And what’s the betting she has a good night’s sleep. I’m quite sure a chaotic space leads to a chaotic mind, as any feng shui expert will testify.


  1. Almost Mrs Average on May 18, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    Oh Mrs Green – Thank You, thank you, thank you! I no longer feel alone in the world thanks to this post. In our house there are two bedrooms that often represent skips and as for my filing system(s), I always dread going there. I hope that one day after the big event, the room’s still tidy…in our house that would be a miracle ;-D xxx

  2. Mrs Green on May 19, 2008 at 11:46 am

    Hi Almost Mrs Average 🙂
    I went in there this morning, while Little Miss Green was waking up and did a quick pick up; she didn’t make a mess in there last night, but she was tired and fell asleep quickly.
    I’ve just put my nose around the door again, and it’s still looking pretty good in there. I think it’s easier this time of year because she is an outdoor girl.

    Maybe I’ll challenge you to a ‘slim my filing cabinet’ challenge in the autumn then!

    Mrs G x

  3. Almost Mrs Average on May 23, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    LOL Mrs Green, a “slim my filing cabinet” challenge…now that would be one hell of a task around here ;-D