International women’s day

international-womens-dayToday is International Women’s Day; a chance for us to acknowledge the economic, political and social achievements of women.

Events and themes are as wide and varied as women themselves, from gender equality, peace, freedom from violence to care for the future and everything inbetween.

There are numerous events taking place around the globe, but there is nothing to stop you from celebrating in your own home. Every woman, no matter whether they are the CEO of a huge corporation, a carer for an elderly relative or the mother of children deserves to be honoured today.

Why not:

1- Help to change other women’s lives through organisations such as Amnesty International.

2- Commit to buying from fairtrade companies where mothers can work to feed and clothe their families in safety.

3- Telephone or write to your female relatives and friends, telling them how much they mean to you.

4- Organise a girls night in – pamper yourselves with some face masks made from kitchen ingredients, open a bottle of fair trade wine and watch a good chick flick. Two of my favourites are The Jane Austen book club and Fried Green Tomatoes.

5- Unleash your inner goddess by connecting with whichever goddess appeals to you. Do you need more compassion or do you need to toughen up a little? Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair is a great book for beginners.

6- Spend time with the greatest feminine spirit of all – mother nature. Go and plant a wildflower garden, listen to the bird sing or hug a tree.

What will you do to honour the women in your life or yourself today?

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