Vote with your money for Fairtrade fortnight

fairtradeI believe we should exercise our right to vote with our money.

Many of us think we are powerless and that we are in the hands of the manufacturers, but I don’t believe this to be true.

Every time you spend a pound, you vote with your money. You say “Yes!” You say “I agree!” You say “I support!”

That’s why I love Fairtrade products.

By supporting fairtrade you can actually make a difference to someone every time you shop.

Doesn’t that feel powerful!

In Malawi, for example, sugar farmers earn an extra $60 for every tonne they sell on Fairtrade terms. As a result, farmers in Chinangwa village have been able to bring clean water and electricity to their homes, afford roofs for their houses and school fees for their children.

It’s such a simple thing for us to choose fairtrade over conventional products and they don’t always cost us more. From bananas to flowers to cotton clothing the range of fairtrade product lines available is growing all the time, but it’s growing because people are saying YES!

More and more of us know it’s the right thing to do, it’s a simple way to make a difference and it’s a win-win: you get a great product and you’re helping people in developing countries enjoy a better life.

The year the FairTrade foundation are asking you to “Take a step” . Find out more in the video, which I found via Ebuzzing, below and if it whets your appetite there’s more fun to be had over on the Fairtrade YouTube channel.

What about you – what is the latest fairtrade product you’ve bought?


  1. Jennifer Ward-Pelar on March 12, 2012 at 1:58 am

    I appreciate this post. I feel hopeless and helpless so much of the day about changing anything, and then I read this. THANK YOU Mrs. Green!

  2. Mrs Green on March 12, 2012 at 5:59 am

    @Jennifer Ward-Pelar: You are welcome; keep on taking those baby steps – well, actually you’re not taking baby steps; YOU, my friend are taking huge leaps. All respect …