10 ways to use floral waters

lavender used for floral waterRecently I’ve been using the heavenly Lavender Floral Water from Baldwins and co. It smells absolutely gorgeous, and as one of mine and Little Miss Green’s favourite scents, we’ve been experimenting with ways to use it.

Floral Waters are made from the steam produced during the creation of essential oils and they have been used for centuries. They are safe to use neat and gentle enough for babies and children.

The floral water from Baldwin and Co, London’s oldest and most established Herbalist, costs £5.09 for 100mls and is available in larger bottles too.

Here are 10 ways to use Lavender floral water

Bites and stings

Lavender is antiseptic and soothes the skin; this makes it the perfect antidote to minor bites and stings.


Lavender is very soothing to the skin and calming to the mind. Apply to skin that is itching, even on conditions such as eczema, rashes and psoriasis


A special summer treat is to keep lavender floral water in the ‘fridge and spritz onto the face when you’re hot and bothered. Perfect after a long day in the office!


Apply lavender floral water to your face after cleansing, instead of your regular toner. It helps refine skin tone without making your face feel too tight.


Although prevention is better than cure, lavender floral water can soothe sunburned skin and prickly heat.

Grubby children!

Soak a cloth in lavender floral water and use it to wipe around the hands and faces of grubby children – it’s calming scent will relax stressed children too.

Nappy rash

You could also add some floral water to your baby’s bath to soothe nappy rash. Spray on between nappy changes as well.


Add floral water to the final rinse cycle of your laundry, use as a linen mist when ironing or simply sprinkle onto your sheets before bedtime for a great night’s sleep!


Use floral water as a final rinse after shampooing to condition the hair and add shine


Far safer than toxic air fresheners, liberally spray lavender floral water around your home to scent the air – this is great to do before bedtime and after a stressful day.

What about you – how do you use floral waters?


  1. Anthony Powell on February 7, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    I recently brought some lavender floral water from http://www.justaromatherapy.co.uk and used it to make a wonderfull hand cream using a pure cream base. I mixed the floral water with the cream base and the smell was lovely, the 100ml lavender floral water goes a long way, i also purchased some rose otto floral water, but i haven’t use this, but will be making some great things from the list above, as the scent is also lovely.

  2. Mrs Green on February 8, 2011 at 8:01 am

    @Anthony Powell: Hi Anthony, thanks for sharing your experience; We love both rose and lavender and together they are beautiful. Have fun!