Bath time has never been so much fun!

Mr Whippy Bath Ballistic from LUSHMy home smells like an exotic mix of strawberry icecream and apples, topped with a zingy top note of grapefruit and lemon. No, I’ve not been cooking, I’ve just unpacked a batch of goodies from LUSH – their new bath ballistics to be precise.

The original bath ballistic was created over 20 years ago to help excited children sleep! The latest bath ballistics are wrapped around a secret centre of bubble bar. This combination produces an indoor firework display in your bathroom which leaves skin-softening tie dyed foam and bubbles for you to languish about in. You end up with a stunning visual impact which makes bathtime fun for any child – of any age!

Mrs Whippy

Mrs Whippy gives you a strawberry ripple effect and scent. Splendid in white and pink, it looks good enough to eat and will allow you to extend your summer holidays just that bit longer by bringing back memories of helter skelters and cupcakes


Twilight is for all insomniacs – it’s like a mug of ovaltine before bed or your favourite pair of cosy socks and will envelop you in the deep indigo of a twilight sky like a cashmere blanket. Imagine a far away galaxy landing in your bath …


If you’ve had a stressful day, Fizzbanger is your bath ballistic! It will fill your bath with green streaks which warm your circulation and relieve tired muscles; just watch your stresses fizz away.

Dragon’s Egg

My personal favourite is Dragon’s Egg. This explosive baby is full of grapefuit and lemon to uplift and refresh and will tickle your delights with its zingy orangeyness. It’s like sticking a lollipop into a batch of sherbet.

These new bath ballistics are available in all Lush shops and on-line now. They make a great present for someone special, including yourself.

Which is your favourite?