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5 body boosters for natural health and wellness

Submitted by on Friday, 4 December 2009 Loading Add to favourites  4 Comments
body boosters for natural health

body boosters for natural health

I found some information in a magazine recently about tips for getting yourself in shape.

I thought some of them were really interesting, so wanted to share them with you. As ever I would love to hear your thoughts!

1- Eat less

I first came across this idea on TC’s Live Smart website.
Apparently, the fewer calories we consume, the slower our body ages. “We live in a greedy culture, portion sizes have doubled in the past two decades and obesity is at epidemic levels” says one nutritionist.
The answer, apparently, is to exercise and eat like your Grandmother did – little and often!

2- Eat protein for breakfast

Try some yogurt and nuts with your cereal to help lower the glyceamic index of your meal.

This helps to keep you feeling fuller for a lot longer, stops your blood sugar dipping and means you don’t reach for sugary snacks.

3- Seeds

Add a side order of seeds with your meals. Sprinkle ground up sesame, pumpkin, sunflower and hemp seeds on your breakfast or whizz them into smoothies.
Look for crackers with seeds such as the ryvita range or opt for seeded bread for lunch and try adding mixed seeds to salads or stir fries. Seeds are full of vitamin E and healthy fats.

4- Healthy snacks

Choose snacks carefully and opt for vitamin and mineral rich choices. Try fruit, wholegrain carbohydrates and healthy, unsaturated fats.
Examples include a couple of dried figs and handful of almonds, a wholemeal bagel with smoked salmon or two brown rice cakes with tahini or cashew butter.

5- eat your greens

Find a green vegetable that you enjoy and then eat it with gusto!
My favourites are broccoli and kale, but there are heaps to choose from. Green vegetables are packed with anti cancer and anti ageing phytochemicals.

What about you – what are your top body boosters for natural health and wellness?


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