Eat organic on a budget – 8 tips

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foodInspired by TC’s recent post on eating organic on a budget and the great article he linked to, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts.

We buy as much organic food as possible. Even though we do not have a huge disposable income, I prioritise good food for my family.

I figure if you eat well you are healthier and happier. This has a knock on effect on other expenses.

For example, if you eat well you don’t need to snack so much.

One of my dear friends feeds her kids on air filled cereal for breakfast, cheap white bread sandwiches and crisps for lunch and these kids are starving all the time. They are constantly asking for food.

In addition to the physical hunger they are emotionally unsatisfied as well. They are constantly ‘bored’ and due to their highly processed foods they are ill quite a lot of the time.

They seem unsatisfied in so many more ways than just their stomachs – always asking for things, needing entertaining, arguing and looking for the next ‘fix’.

If you’ve got ill kids and you work, you need to take time off work to take care of them, plus you need to buy them medication.

If your kids are healthy and active they aren’t sitting around ‘bored’ or needing constant stimulation. This means less ‘stuff’ to entertain them with, which means, well, buying less stuff.

So without further ado, here are my tips for eating organic food on a budget!

Food waste

Reduce food waste. View today’s leftovers as tomorrow’s ingredients and put more food into your belly than in the bin

Box schemes

Sign up for a vegetable box scheme. You’ll get fresh, seasonal, local, organic food delivered to your door for a fraction of the price of supermarket food.

Eat live food!

Sprouted seeds are full of nutrition and add taste and crunch to your food. For a few pence you can be eating fresh, live, organic food every day.

Grow your own

You don’t need a garden to grow food. Sprouted seeds in the kitchen, herbs on a windowsill, tomatoes in a hanging basket and salad leaves in a windowbox will have you eating throughout the year for next to nothing.

Bulk buy

Dried beans, rice and grains can be bought in bulk from a food co-op such as Suma. Club together with friends and share the expense.

Full of beans

Eat less meat and use dried legumes such as lentils and a variety of beans as the basis for your meals. If you cook them in a pressure cooker, you’ll save time and energy. Combine beans with a grain for a complete protein that costs a few pence to make.

Cook from scratch

It’s always cheaper to prepare your own organic food at home rather than buy processed food. You can batch cook soups, stews, casseroles, chillies and curries to store in the freezer.

Reduce waste

Turn wilting vegetables into nutritious soups and soft fruit into smoothies. Then use your vegetables peelings to make stock and add your fruit peelings to your compost heap so that you can use it to grow your own organic goodies!

I would love to hear your tips for eating organic food on a budget!


  1. Wilson Pon on October 8, 2009 at 7:52 am

    Mrs. Green, have you ever heard of Bento before? It’s one of the most nutritious yet healthy lunchbox, which is specially designed for different types of people according to their ages!

  2. Tim on October 9, 2009 at 10:56 am

    Mrs. Green. Your awesome. These are some great ideas, all of which we practice ourselves to keep costs down (except for the box schemes – we will have to look into that). I also saw a piece by Little Miss Green about trees posted by Small Footprints on her blog. Excellent work. Have a great weekend and thanks for linking to my blog post again.

  3. Mrs Green on October 10, 2009 at 8:01 am

    @Wilson Pon: Hi Wilson, I have heard of Bento, but not used one. Does it describe the actual type of box or does it describe what is inside it??

    @Tim: Thank you Tim, and thanks for the inspiration with your own fantastic article. Glad you liked LMG’s article on trees; I’m so proud of her and it’s bought in many comments …

  4. Wilson Pon on October 13, 2009 at 7:20 am

    Mrs. Green, Bento is referred to both the actual type of box and the foods inside the box! Honestly, by using Bento, you won’t have the chance of overtaking the excessive foods at once.

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