Foods to keep you warm

fruit-salad-recipeWhen temperatures drop, we tend to look to food for comfort.

From fatty pies to oozing chocolate cake, throwing caution to the winds and indulging in rich foods seems like a simple solution, but watch out: it can be easy to pile on the pounds in the colder months.

But comfort food needn’t be bad for you. There are tons of recipes out there to warm you up without having to move your belt up a notch.


Walnuts are very high in protein, making them the perfect option for a mid-afternoon snack, as they will fill you up without filling you out!

Snack on walnut pieces, or try mixing chopped walnuts with crisp grated carrot and chunks of feta cheese to make a yummy salad.

Tasty stew

If you’re looking for a teatime treat, why not turn to an old favourite? It doesn’t have to resemble the broiled mess you were served at school. Roald Dahl’s wife Felicity knocks up a great alternative with her George’s Marvellous Medicine Chicken Soup.

Taken from Revolting Recipes, dedicated to the late great children’s author, this dish makes a fun and healthy supper for all the family.

Fruit salad

It might sound strange but if you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth without overloading on calories, a fruit salad should be up there on your pudding list.

The BBC suggests adding some spice to this tried and tested summertime favourite, transforming the dish into a warming treat by mixing honey and vanilla with berries, raisins and pears. If you want to sweeten things up, apricots are a great addition.

So next time you find yourself reaching for the carbs on a cold day, stop! Plan ahead and stock up on some healthy winter alternatives to stop you from overindulging. Make a big batch of healthy stew or chilli in advance and freeze meal-sized portions – Hotpoint fridge freezers are ideal for this. You won’t regret it the next time you find yourself stuck indoors thanks to a bout of bad weather.


  1. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking on April 10, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Oh now I am wanting to make some fruit salad!! Sounds delicious.

  2. Small Footprints on April 11, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Mmm … love your suggestions. Walnuts are so healthy .. and stews (even vegan ones) are so satisfying. We eat a lot of soups in the winter. I always thought that they had to include heavy, rich ingredients but some of the tastiest soups we’ve made are very light. Even a consommé-type broth is warming and satisfying without all the calories. Thank you for a wonderful post, Mrs. Green!