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We’re celebrating healthy living this month!

Submitted by on Friday, 2 March 2012 Loading Add to favourites  3 Comments

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smilingMorning all, can you feel spring in the air?

Today I’m typing at my desk with a vase of daffodils wafting their delicate scent over me.

Yesterday I took up my trusty fork, turned over the soil and planted some broad beans.
Sunrise the bunny is busy preening herself and digging a burrow, meanwhile further down the garden, our new chickens are finally laying eggs!

The blackbird is tuning up every morning and the cockerel tries to convince me that it’s time to get up at 5am.

Yes, spring is definitely on the way.

This is the perfect time to overhaul your lifestyle and make some healthy changes. It’s the traditional time for a detox or to tweak those New Year Resolutions for getting into shape.

Last month we focused on ‘heart month’ where some fantastic writers shared their ideas about keeping your heart healthy. We learned about exercise, stress management and healthy eating. I undertook an exercise regime which saw us going out for a walk every day and as a family we started juicing.

Throughout March we’re ramping up for a good spring detox with our “Healthy living with Vitamix” month. Once again some fantastic bloggers will be sharing their tips and tricks with you, we’ll be demonstrating the Vitamix ourselves and we’ll be rustling up all sorts of delights to tempt the whole family here in the kitchens of Chez Green.

Never heard of the Vitamix? This, dear readers, is the King of blenders. Blenders doesn’t even seem the right word to use; it almost comes across as an insult. Vitamix Corporation was founded in 1921 and is a family-owned company. They are committed to making it simple for all of us to adopt healthy eating. Their versatile Vitamix makes healthy whole food meals, while maximizing the benefits of whole food nutrition. Because the Vitamix machine has the power to pulverize and liquefy food’s skins and seeds, it releases nutrients normally not absorbed by the digestive process.

I’ve been reading up on the Vitamix and am blown away by what one machine can achieve.  The Vitamix isn’t just for soups and smoothies, it makes light work of grains, seeds and coffee beans. You can knead dough in it and make ice cream, sauces and salsas. It seems you are only limited by your imagination and I’ve got plenty of that!

I’ve heard people rave about the Vitamix, I’ve been told it’s the only kitchen gadget you need, that once you own one you can’t live without it and that every meal can be made in one.

Not one to take anything at face value I’m about to find out and I can’t wait!

What about you – do you have any plans for healthy living this month?

“Healthy Living with Vitamix” is in association with Vitamix. The Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre® can do the work of 10 kitchen appliances and lets you perform more than 50 kitchen tasks. Join their community on facebook and keep up with the latest news on twitter.


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