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nadine_lgb_ukI remember as an eight year old child crying uncontrollably when my Dad sold our family car.

As an adult I always did, and still do, give our cars names.

Is it strange to become attached to physical objects?

Today Nadine shares her beautifully written story of her relationship with her Vitamix. But it’s no ordinary relationship; it’s one that spans across the globe. Read her story then check out her 3 healthful recipes for mixable soups.

One appliance which features highly in the annals of ‘things I miss most’ is a sturdy model of a mixer, blender, Vitamix, by name. Of all the gadgets which have assisted my culinary efforts throughout years. I could keep it busy all day and rest it clean, proud and gleaming upon the tile counter by sundown..

I had met this wonder machine in an ad on Mother Earth Magazine and saved for it. I believed all the maneuvers touted in the full page display. It arrived at my desert doorstep on a sunny day, sure, most were sunny, but the yellow disk shone so bright upon its solid flanks, and the weight of its stout body assured me of its consistency.

I glanced over the instructions of the 3600 model and set about to wash it, plug it and love it. Whatever I made that day may have been leftover vegetable soup; never wasted a single stringy celery stick, aimed for the opening above the stainless mixer, watched potato slices, misshapen carrots from late garden, no matter what went came out as colorful warm creamy soup; no surprise garlic or stiff onion, no limp beet leaf or reticent green bean. I was master chef of re-purposed food stuff. Magic!

I could feel vitamins course through veins and gave science lessons with every meal, mapping the physiology of each nutritional component of a wild vichyssoise or garden gazpacho along our metabolism. Savoring individual flavors of raw or cooked vegetables and fresh herbs travelling the papilla to utter satisfaction..

Look no further than overripe bananas, leftover apple compote or freezer berries..all ingredients of snack making for a family of 12 (and only 4 of us to eat it)..I was gift giver, present maker and random kindness queen. It had saved its financial worth in no time, needed no more validation.

A routine was established as efficiency in the most used room at the ranch. Fancy flour from whole grains, freshly ground coffee, thick sauces to slather entrées, healthful potted meats, breads. Oh, rich unctuous peach ice-cream from raw milk and free range eggs..quick yogurts and fruit leathers, and I’ m not referring to vitamin content alone.

When time came for me to return to my native France, I placed (or did I give?) the prized possession with a lovely lady who had fed us many a traditional meal. I think I cried though I had no qualms leaving antiques and valuables, but I missed this blockish chrome armament of serious cuisine invention..

I emigrated again to The USA some years later, knowing that I could not ask for my ‘baby’ back.. I settled for a less chunky second hand works. I may invest in several sister appliances to pretend that I am still the kitchen wizard. Estate sales are virtual treasure hunts around the Midwest, so perhaps some day, I could find another used stone mill or–if lucky– a forgotten Vitamix, overlooked by buyers of latest gadgetry.

Nadine Sellers digs into the ground and comes up with words and other nutritious ideas wherever she may happen. By mountain mine or country garden, she travels the senses and restores her faith in nature.

From her native France she imports frugal farming practice and city savvy to apply them in many a form to her daily search for healthful, mindful living in the US. Midwest.

Reading and writing about a progressive return to conscious sharing is essential to this writer. Her upcoming book about another life in the American deserts speaks of adaptation by grit or humor, it is survival; a rough training for hardship or happiness. Read her latest blog at Verdi Grass.

“Healthy Living with Vitamix” is sponsored by Vitamix. The Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre® can do the work of 10 kitchen appliances and lets you perform more than 50 kitchen tasks. Join their community on facebook and keep up with the latest news on twitter.


  1. nadine sellers on March 19, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    such a pleasure to write with this little Green blog in mind, thank you so much for the inspiring community you have gathered and for the neat presentation that makes it easy to find information on important subjects. nadine

  2. Mrs Green on March 19, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    It’s been SUCH an honour to host your wonderful story Nadine – a thousand thanks to you for sharing your heartful kitchen tales with us all x

  3. [email protected] eco friendly homemaking on March 21, 2012 at 3:35 am

    What a sweet post and such a great story.

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