Quail by Mail – ethical, fairtrade and organic fashion

Quail by mail ethical, fairtrade and organic fashionThe lovely Shauna from Quail by mail left a message on the blog last night – and I’ve just been taking a peek around her site.

Shauna sells a gorgeous range of ethical, fairtrade and organic fashion for women that is made in Britain. Devon, to be precise.

It’s not often I hit on a site and would happily wear ANYTHING on it, but Quail has definitely gone into my top five of favourite fashion sites. I’m totally in love with the ‘Emily’ dress and I’m fighting with my ‘I have no money and plenty of clothes’ conscience and my ‘but I’ve just cleared space in my wardrobe’ not-so-conscience.

Quail was hatched in 2006 and is unique in that all clothes are manufactured in England. The entire range is produced on a small scale, by hand.

As consumers demand more traceability in their clothing (the ethical clothing market increased by 79% between 2005 and 2006) Shauna can rise to the occasion with her ranges. She is dark green through and through from the sourcing of fabrics to the finished garment.

It was due to a lack of what Shauna refers to as ‘stylish’ ethical fashion that bought about the idea of Quail by Mail. Shauna found it difficult to shop for stylish clothing that was ethical and eco-friendly. She found herself with the choice of yoga wear or kaftans. That’s a little limiting if you want something a bit more dressy.

Shauna has a fab sale on at the moment and offers free postage and packing within the UK, so why not go along and fill your wardrobe with some ethical buys. (Just make sure you leave me the Emily dresses until I’ve made up my mind!)

One thing I’m intrigued about it – why the name Quail by mail? It’s such a quirky name and I’m eager to know the origins of it…………..


  1. Maureen on August 26, 2008 at 10:17 am

    Oh my – I love that site. Thanks for sharing it. I think my favourite item is the Emily Dress too!

  2. Shauna Chapman on August 28, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    Madame Green! Thanks for the blog!

    Quail By Mail came about from me wanting to have a bird as my logo. Girlies love birds! My husband and I were out for dinner and went through all the birds names and Quail was one of the first ones we talked about. It just stuck. People know how to spell it, it’s kind of quirky and the letter ‘Q’ looks good in print too!

  3. Mrs Green on August 29, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Hi Maureen; I’m glad you like the site, it does look kinda special 🙂

    Shauna – the woman herself – hi! and you’re very welcome. I’m all for promoting companies that feel the real deal to me 🙂 Thanks for the story behind your name – that’s very cute and I agree, a ‘Q” can look fabulous in certain fonts.