Triodos celebrate fifteen years of a revolution in finance!

triodos bank fifteen years of ethical bankingHappy Birthday to Triodos Bank who celebrate their 15th anniversary of banking in the UK this year.

Set up 30 years ago in the Netherlands, Triodos marked the start of a revolution in finance – a bank driven not by profit, but set up to use money to benefit people and the environment.

Triodos bank connects savers and investors who believe in a more sustainable society with the organisations making it happen.

Triodos has grown to be recognised as the world’s leading sustainable bank, supporting over 12,500 ethical organisation across Europe and backed by nearly quarter of a million customers.

Over 50,000 customers joined Triodos last year and Little Miss Green was one of them! As you may remember, I set myself a new years resolution of switching to ethical banking. We set Little Miss Green up with a Triodos savings account because we believe in the ethics of Triodos. They enable money to work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Triodos bank only lends to charities, social businesses, community projects and environmental initiatives which satisfy their strict ethical criteria. Each one is a practical and well-grounded initiative dedicated to social aims which benefit the community, care for the environment, respect human freedom and develop individual talents and capacities.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1408101122[/amazon-product]

One of their unique features is that they publish details of all their lending. Triodos believe you should be able to judge for yourself the claims they make about their ethical approach. This demonstration of transparency is unique amongst UK banks and has been a central part of their activity for over twenty years. Some banks support military arms, animal testing, exploit people or support organisations which harm the environment but it’s difficult to gather full details.

Triodos Bank offers a choice of savings options including Cash ISA, young Saver, fixed-rate bonds and a Charity Saver account which supports some of the UK’s leading campaigning organisations.

Switching your finances to an ethical bank is a small step that has far reaching benefits to you, the environment and people. For more information, check out Your Ethical Money.

Tell me; do you bank ethically? Is this something you think about or are you not aware where your money is invested?

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  1. Cameron Benz on September 3, 2010 at 4:23 am

    Is anyone aware of a similar effort here in the US?