Double up to save the environment!

combine-errands-reduce-carbon-footprintAfter a few days of feeling totally overwhelmed by the carbon fast challenges, here’s one I can feel pretty virtuous about!

The suggestion for day 37 reads “Double up journeys: do shopping on your way home from work, school or somewhere else you have to go today. Share lifts with friends or try to do all of your errands together. Learning to reduce the amount of miles we travel is one of the most effective ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. The average person makes 44 car trips per year which are each under a mile.”

Well at last I can polish my green halo!

We never go out just for one thing unless absolutely necessary. I’m not organised enough to have an ‘errand day’ because I find that too tiring, but there are two evenings when Little Miss green goes to after school clubs. On those days Mr Green and I use that time to do our shopping and anything else that needs doing.

We might drop off a load of recycling on the way, go to the Post Office or visit friends.

Little Miss Green is flexi schooling and walks to school and we have a local shop if we run out of one or two things, so there is no need to take the car out.

What about you – do you combine errands or is this something you could consider doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

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  1. Preseli Mags on April 23, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    At last I can polish my halo too! Living miles from anywhere means we always have to double up journeys. I don’t do trips just for shopping – my husband does that on his way to or from work. I never make a car journey of under a mile – everything’s much further away than that!