Hayfever – mind over matter?

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natural cure for hayfeverWe’ve mentioned many remedies for treating hayfever on the site, from using honey to acupressure. Some of these I have tried myself, others have been recommended by various books and websites I’ve read.

This year I have had a lot of success using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

What I love to hear most of all is things other people have tried that have worked for them personally.

Today, I’m delighted to be sharing an NLP technique from Russell Davis, cognitive therapist in Ealing, West London.

Tree Pollen

“I have suffered from hayfever all my life and more recently it has been worse with tree pollen – no help to the large beech trees behind our garden!

I am not a happy sufferer, being reluctant to take medication and not finding a robust natural cure I end up sneezing lots, having a running nose, being rather grumpy and with a frustrated wife who wished I would just get it sorted!!!

NLP for allergies

Since becoming a Cognitive Hypnotherapist a colleague told me about an NLP technique for allergies. It is from an excellent book of NLP techniques called “Heart of the Mind” by Connirae and Steve Andreas. I used this NLP visualisation technique along with a more generic healing visualisation and I haven’t taken any medication for my hayfever this year – even at the start of the season when the tree pollen is at its worst. My wife is amazed at the difference![amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]http://www.amazon.co.uk/Heart-Mind-Engaging-Neurolinguistic-Programming/dp/0911226311/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1279828032&sr=8-1[/amazon-product]

Horse allergies

So, having got that sorted I went for my nemesis – horses. I love animals including horses, which I used to ride when I was very young, but have developed a horrific allergy to them. Sneezing, eyes closing up, itchy…yuk. Using the same techniques I can now spend as much time as I like with horses and I am absolutely fine.

At first there was a time with horses when I could sense it could go one way or another, be OK or back to my usual response…but focusing my mind on the visualisations in the moment meant is passed and I have been fine since. Colleagues have used this with clients for all sorts of allergies (hayfever, medication, cats…) So, what is this magic cure?

Specific allergy technique:

  • Thank about your allergy and imagine feeling the response now
  • Think of something that is similar to your allergy stimulus e.g. dogs for cat allergy, wasp sting for bee sting…
  • Close your eyes and recall a time when you have been with/experienced the thing in step 2 (e.g. dogs) and how your body and immune system responded normally and appropriately.
  • Now open your eyes and imagine a sheet of plexiglass between you and seeing yourself the other side of the plexiglass (which protects you completely) with the thing in step 2 again (e.g. dogs). Watch the you the other side of the plexiglass responding normally to the dogs (or whatever it is). Notice how the you responds normally and then notice what it is like for the same you over there to respond in the same way to your allergy stimulus (e.g. cats). Just as (dogs) your immune system knows exactly what to do.
  • Now take the plexiglass away, reach out and bring the you out there in front of you back in to you.
  • Vividly imagine you with the stimulus and how you respond normally.

Generic immune system healing

Imagine a metaphor for the healing you want. For me knowing that an allergy is a defect of the immune system, I imagined it as a string of pearls with a kink in it – the kink being the defect. I then visualised the kink being straightened out. Also, if healing had a colour what colour would it be for you? Ask yourself this each time as it may change from time to time. I imagined this colour filling my body and particularly my nose and eyes whilst thinking about the string of pearls and horses/tree pollen.

I did a combination of both of these visualisations for about 10 mins twice a day and very quickly started seeing the results. A lot of people get results from the NLP technique from just one sitting. It may be easier to have someone talk you through it but I found I was able to take myself through it, but it maybe because I am used to visualisations.

Enjoy your summer sneeze free!

Russell has shared some other great techniques for health and wellness on Little Green Blog. Read his 5 minute cure for headaches, find out how to reduce stress with his simple, yet profound tips, and discover his principles for success. He shares lots of great advise on his blog too.

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