natural and safe headache cure

use-cognitive-hypnotherapy-for-headacheHow often do you get a headache? They are a common ailment (affecting up to 78% of the population) and the number one source of pain, which prompts patients to consult their GP!

Most headaches are treated with over the counter remedies or natural, alternative therapies and do not require medical attention.

Causes include tension, stress or anxiety, food intolerances, too much sun, dehydration, migraines, posture, injury, eye strain and hormone imbalances.

Power of the mind

Fortunately help is on hand with a number of techniques and natural remedies. Today I want to talk about an exciting suggestion from Russell Davis. Russell is a cognitive hypnotherapist and is covering a great idea over on his site today.

He calls it ‘the 5 minute headache cure’ and reckons this simple technique works on 80% of headaches caused by tension or stress!

Relax and visualise

It involves visualising and asking yourself three questions about the headache.

Why not have a read through the entire visualisation and give it a go? You have nothing to lose; except your headache!

What about you? What is your favourite natural headache cure?


  1. Michael Edson, MS, L.Ac. on May 8, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Our eyes and vision were designed for viewing distance as hunters and gatherers, and not for ongoing near work as required by regular computer use. As a result, Computer Eye Strain is becoming one of the major eye complaints heard by eye doctors today.

    Symptoms can include increased myopia, blurred vision, headaches, slow refocusing, difficulty concentrating, neck, shoulder and back pain

    Eye strain can be reduced significantly by taking regular breaks from the computer, resting your eyes, stretching and doing eye exercises.

    For a demo of 3 great eye exercises by Dr. Grossman, one of the Country’s leading behavioral optometrists, go to

    Also, a few research studies show that supplementing with 6mg per day of astaxanthin per day significantly improved eye strain at week 2 and 4 of the test period.

    For more information, go to Natural Eye Care for Computer Eye Strain

  2. Mrs Green on May 11, 2009 at 8:10 am

    @Michael Edson, MS, L.Ac.: Hello Michael, welcome to the site and thank you for your comment.

    Thank you for sharing the You Tube video. Do you have any experience or opinion on the Bates method? I’m intrigued to know more about it.