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Sing your way to health!

Submitted by on Friday, 19 June 2009 Loading Add to favourites  2 Comments

singing-for-healthHands up who loves a good sing? You might not fancy showing off your talents infront of  others, but most of us like to turn up the music when we have the house to ourselves or increase the decibels in our car and sing to our hearts content.

Perhaps you prefer the acoustics of your morning shower to let rip or a karaoke night with friends!

Well now there are good reasons why you should sing more often. Singing is good for your lungs and heart, posture, stress levels, psychological wellbeing, sleep patterns and it keeps you looking younger. Best of all; it’s free!

Aerobic exercise

Forget expensive gym fees; singing is a great way to keep in shape because you are exercising your lungs and heart. Singing increases oxygenation of the bloodstream and exercises the major muscle groups in the upper body; even when sitting.

Better posture

If you’re singing correctly, it tones the muscles of your stomach and back. Not only does singing improve posture, but it clears respiratory tubes in the lungs and sinuses and can sharpen mental alertness through greater oxygenation too.

Reduces stress

Singing makes your body produce feel-good endorphins – exactly the same as when you eat a bar of chocolate; only without the calories! When endorphins increase, your stress levels decrease and you have a better sense of emotional wellbeing.

Psychological wellbeing

If you sing with a group of people, psyhocological benefits are evident because of the increased sense of community, belonging and shared interest. But even singing loudly in the shower on your own can make you feel great!

Keeps you young!

All that singing helps keep facial wrinkles at bay too! Facial exercise helps the muscles in your face to remain toned.

Improves sleep

According to Alise Ojay, (singing for snorers) singing can stop you snoring because it helps tone the muscles at the back of the throat. It is lack of tone in these muscles that contributes to snoring, which in turn can prevent you (and your partner)  sleeping properly.


Many of us are looking for frugal ways to spend our spare time. Singing is free! Either have a good sing song on your own, get together with friends or join a group or choir.

Check out Sing for your Heart for details of their fund-raising event later in the year or look on the Natural Voice Practitioner’ Network for details of your nearest organised singing group or choir.

What about you – how does singing make you feel?


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