Healing cancer with NLP

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person having counsellingMost people associate NLP with career minded individuals wanting to climb the corporate ladder or with athletes who want to break world records. However, there’s much more to NLP than that.

I used one 20 minute session of NLP to overcome my lifelong fear of needles; pretty impressive huhn?

Keith Hern, however (a self confessed alternative therapy sceptic no less) used NLP to help cure himself of the fears and terror he experienced when he was diagnosed with throat cancer.
Keith has written a book about his experiences, called Bangers and Mash. As a professional photographer, Keith has captured his journey on camera and shows candid photos at every stage of his treatment.

The book is open, honest, thought provoking and humorous – after all, what better medicine than the ability to laugh at ourselves?[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1904312772[/amazon-product]

For anyone wanting an uplifting and inspiring story or for those who have been given a diagnosis of cancer, this book could provide the comfort and answers you crave.

NLP can help you achieve a positive mindset and increased energy which means you get out of the way and let the wisdom of your body heal itself.

Meeting his NLP coach prior to his cancer diagnosis, Keith turned up for his first session “an emotional wreck, frightened to death and simply not knowing how to deal with the treatment process.” He left with an altogether more positive outlook having taken the first steps on the road to changing his beliefs to ‘I can beat this’.

His results have impressed and amazed the medical establishment.

Keith sent me a copy of his book to read. I picked it up ‘to flick through it for 5 minutes’ and an hour and a half later put down the book where I had read it cover to cover. It gave me enormous insight about the procedures he went through as well as allowing me a glimpse of what life is like when living with cancer.

You can read more about Keith and view some of his photographs on his blog.


  1. russel davis on June 25, 2010 at 8:37 am

    Great post and sounds like a fascinating and inspiring book, NLP does get a bad name partly because it is mis-used and also it is an unregulated industry so there are a lot of baldy trained people practicing. I am always amazed at how the stuff within NLP such as visualisations is so powerful. I have cured my hayfever and allergy to horses through visualisation. I am in the middle of writing an eBook to help women who are struggling to get pregnant understand the power and benefits of visualisation. Part of that is how stress is so damaging to our body and prevents the natural healing process and the other is how visualisation can actually speed up and strengthen that process. You can use your mind to change your biology.

    The brain cannot distinguish between reality and what is in the mind. In 1994, Harvard scientists taught a simple 5-fingered combination of piano notes to a group of volunteers using all their fingers. They were instructed to play it over and over again for two hours a day, for five consecutive days. Another group of volunteers didn’t actually play the notes, but just imagined playing them for the same period, two hours a day for five consecutive days. Whist doing this they also imagined hearing the notes. The brain scans taken over the 5 days show the changes to the brain are almost identical. When tested those that did the visualisations only were are good (made the same number of mistakes) as those that had been physically practicing for 5 days. After 2 hours of practice those that did the visualisations only were as good as those that had practiced for 5 days.

    OK, I am going to stop now as I can go on for hours on this stuff!!

  2. Mrs Green on July 6, 2010 at 6:48 am

    @russel davis: Amazing comment Russell – thank you so much. Best of luck with your book; it sounds fascinating. I’m a total NLP convert, but it would be great to expose some of the myths and who people what a powerful and effective tool it can be.
    I would love an article from you about how you cured yourself from hayfever 😉

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