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Michelle Zelli life coachLast week I told you I was having some life coaching with Michelle Zelli.

Featured on ITV’s “This Morning”, Michelle utilises  ideas from modern psychology, behavioural science, physiotherapy, brain training, meditation and esoteric traditions to help people achieve the life they want. She enables you to think about yourself and your life in new ways.What I love about Michelle’s approach is that she understands the holistic mind, body, spirit connection. This isn’t just left brained analysing or right brained wallowing, she brings both together along with other tools such as EFT, NLP, hypnotherapy and intuitive healing to bring you exactly what you need at any given time.

I felt excited all day when my first session was coming up. I could feel a shift happening already; like my body-mind was totally ready to embrace change.

Five minutes before the call however, and my heart was racing and I was feeling nervous, like I was about to sit an exam rather than have a telephone conversation.

Michelle’s approach is dynamic. She cuts straight to the chase and within half an hour you will have done masses of work. It’s like a roller coaster ride and not for the faint hearted, but if you are stuck and needing change, this is one of the best ways to facilitate it. In the past I have had life coaching with a Buddhist approach and I’ve had Kaizen Muse creativity coaching – all approaches are unrecognisably different.

Don’t expect flowers and chocolates treatment; this isn’t what Michelle’s coaching is about. It’s about dynamic shifting of old ingrained habits and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. It’s about releasing that which you no longer need and does not serve you. It’s about lifting the veils that are keeping you blind.

Most importantly, it’s about taking away the old patterns and replacing them with love and beauty, positive thoughts and emotions. It’s about giving birth to a new you and changing the course of your life so that you achieve the life you want to live.

Within 3 minutes of talking to Michelle I was in tears; old tears that had been stuck inside, repressed and needing expression. I felt breathless and afraid, yet held and supported by Michelle. We accessed parts of me that needed healing and healed them right there and then. We did EFT to release old stuff that was holding me back. We worked with a part that needs to be set free because it no longer serves me. All of this in half an hour!

By the end of the session I felt like I had run a marathon, but just like the athlete I felt a sense of euphoria and lightness too. I treated myself kindly after the session by going for a walk and sitting in the sun, drinking lots of water and filling myself with positive messages. That night I had THREE vivid dreams; one of which I woke up crying from, another which had me in a cold sweat and the other had me up bursting for the toilet! The following day I did indeed suffer the pains of my marathon session but with a lightness of heart, a quieter mind and a calm and peaceful centre.

By the next day I was feeling energised, motivated and enthusiastic. In fact I got through a job I had been procrastinating about for YEARS. I just went in there and got on with it – no big deal, no sulking, no overwhelm. My mindset was good, my inner critic had turned into an inner life coach and the ‘not good enough’ voice had, I don’t know, gone on vacation for the day I guess.

Since the treatment, these positive changes have lasted. I feel better about myself, more positive, less harsh on myself and more motivated. All in all it was one of the most beneficial half hours of my life.

I’ve got another session booked to finish off some work we started last time and I can’t wait!

If you’re feeling stuck by negative beliefs, have weight issues, relationship issues, health conditions, constantly sabbotage yourself, or have faced a trauma such as redundancy, death or a loved one or divorce then why not give Michelle a call? Your initial consultation will be free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What about you – have you ever had life coaching? What was it like and how did you find it?

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