My Random Acts of Kindness month challenge

helping hands across the world with random acts of kindnessThis month I have been inspired by my cyber friend Melissa to take part in her Random Acts of Kindness challenge.

This is something that has always been close to my heart. I love how the tiniest and most simple thing can make my day and it’s great to share that love around the planet by performing simple acts of love to others.

It feels a little awkward to write what you have done as a random act of kindness. Part of me thinks it isn’t worth writing about, as it’s just a part of human nature to be kind. Another part (and this is the big part for me) is that writing about it somehow feel a little egotistical. Another part is that I often don’t notice the things I do because it’s just who I am.
offer your support to someone - the smallest thing can make the biggest difference
Mr Green is wonderful for pointing things out to me from an objective viewpoint. I don’t talk about many of the things I do because I assume everyone is the same. Truth is, we’re not all the same and we all have different and unique talents that make us, us………..

So it’s been a great challenge because it has forced me to step outside my comfort zone. Not actually performing Random Acts of Kindness, but with noticing, writing about them and giving myself credit for them.

As I am working through a great book at the moment called ‘Overcoming Low Esteem’ by Melanie Fennell (click on the book below to buy!) with my cognitive behaviour therapist, this challenge is a timely one and I’m just going to feel the fear and do is anyway by sharing some thoughts here.

Melanie Fennell - Overcoming low self esteemWhat is so beautiful about performing these daily acts of kindness and bringing awareness to them, is that the Universe has a wonderful and synchronistic way of holding up mirrors for us.

Let me relay a story.

Yesterday a friend called. He had taken down a light as part of some home improvements, not taken note of which wires went where, got himself in a bit of a muddle and was without a bathroom light. To call out an electrician would cost him #30 just to get the guy to ring on his doorbell, add to that a couple of hours labour, perhaps some wiring and some umming and ahhing for good measure and he’d probably have spent about #100.

Mr Green knows his electrics, so we went over this morning and did the job for him.

helping one another comes in all guises!It’s nothing really is it? Friends help friends and it helps makes the world go around. But now this challenge has helped me to realise that actually, not all people would respond in the same way. It wasn’t convenient for us to go, it’s quite a long trip (and we’re trying not to use the car too much due to silly fuel prices), we had other things planned and it took the entire morning, once we had driven there and back. So, in effect our friend saved money and it COST us, in both money and in other ways.

But then two beautiful things happened on the way home to continue this cycle of giving.

We called into a place that sells recycled water barrels and picked one up. The guy there told me that they cost #12.50, but I could have it for #11 as long as I put #1.50 in Little Miss green’s savings account. I told him that she was saving up for the pram and would be delighted, so he blessed us on our way and asked me to put this money towards her pram.

Next, Mr Green was chopping a tonne of wood when a neighbour came over and absolutely insisted that he give him a hand. So instead of having to cut and stack, Mr Green only had to do the cutting. When you get through over 6 tonnes a year, that’s a lot of labour saved.
beatuiful and beyond words - an afghan soldiers stops to help a child who has lost his shoe in the snow
Over the past year or so I have given baking, extra food from our cupboards and given lifts to the family that helped us with the wood, so thus the great wheel of giving and sharing continues.
Why don’t you start noticing just how abundant and giving the Universe is? I bet if you let someone infront of you in the supermarket queue or reach something off the top shelf for someone, the chances are the Universe will bring you something wonderful too.

In the simplest way, Little miss Green has the Diana Cooper angel cards. The ‘kindness’ one reads “Be kind to someone today and your angel will bring something good for you too.”

It’s not that you do something with the intent that something will come to you in return; it’s all about trust and faith and letting go. In the release and in the altruism of your motives, it opens up the potential for good things to flow into your life.

Things you might never have dreamed as possible……………

What will you do today with love in your heart to make someone else’s day more special?


  1. russell on May 7, 2008 at 3:22 am

    What a wonderful entry. Also timely. I was thinking about random acts of kindness this weekend as I am training to be a cognitive hypnotherapist (utilizing theories from cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy as well as others). I have always been a fan of them without realising the important value they can be to people with low self esteem. So, let me see if I can do one today – whilst beeing in an office and car most of the day – I am sure I will be blessed with an opportunity!

  2. Fr. Peter on May 7, 2008 at 7:21 am

    In 1971 an elderly English bookseller, Harold Edwards and his wife Olive read a list of names printed by Amnesty International as part of a letter-writing campaign. It gave details of families of Soviet political prisoners who needed support. They wrote to the Aidovs because their daughter, Marina, aged 7, had a birthday on the day before his.

    Their Amnesty letters, along with all the others never got through, but a card for Marina’s birthday, later on in the year did. It was a postcard addressed to Marina with a picture of an unfamiliar town. “With love from Newbury. Berks. England. Harold and Olive.”

    The Edwards did not know it but Marina’s Mother, Lera was on a hunger strike at the time, and the card arrived like a message from a UFO. As Lera said: ‘It is difficult to explain how greatly our life changed after that first post card. I never felt lonely any more… Harold and Olive’s letters changed my life – they gave me hope.’

    One post card Mrs. G equaled one miracle, the difference was that in this case the Edward’s found out about it. I wonder how many miracles you have worked, Mrs. G, without knowing about it?

    Regards and blessings.

    PS. Those involved wrote a book of the story, it is entitled “From Newbury with Love”.

  3. Melissa on May 7, 2008 at 7:31 am

    Aww Mrs. Green, thanks so much for posting this 🙂 You know, I’ve noticed too in making a conscience effort to help others’ out, I see how blessed I’ve been with help from others. Like you’ve said so elegantly, the natural cycle of giving. Things like someone offering a hand when I clearly need one seem to mean a lot more.
    Also, I seem to be a lot more forgiving of people who aren’t as thoughtful – perhaps they’re just having a bad day, right?
    Cheers to you, and have a wonderful day!

  4. Mrs Green on May 9, 2008 at 6:14 am

    Wow – what beautiful comments. Peter, you surely did perform a random act of kindness with your words to me; I cannot thank you enough.

    I’ve noticed this about you with previous comments – you are one of these people who just knows what to say, at exactly the right moment. It’s a gift and one which I hope you see in yourself……….
    I believe by sharing your words and love you are performing miracles every second of your days and the world is a better place for having you in it.

    Good luck with your training, Russell. I’m only on week 2 with CBT, but I feel a sense of positivity with this and a renewed feeling of hope. The book I have been reading is wonderful; very clear and concise, so now I’m looking forward to putting these things into practise and reaping the rewards.

    Melissa; I hope today is a good day for you. Your thoughts about this leading to you being more forgiving of people is awesome. It’s great that you can now assume they are just having a bad day – how freeing for you and them 🙂

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and an abundance of miracles,
    Mrs G x