6 tips for a green wedding

planning a green weddingA wedding should be a feast for the eyes, and Mireya Navarro‘s ” Green Wedding” will help you achieve this whilst keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Will full colour photos, “Green Wedding” contains all the information you need to plan your eco friendly celebration.

The average wedding costs a small fortune, but have you noticed many of them end up looking the same? Sure the bride may spends months, even years designing her perfect day, but apart from a variation on a dress, flowers and colour scheme, there isn’t much that sets one wedding apart from another.

If you’re yearning to inject some originality into YOUR special day, and want to reflect your environmental credentials, then this book can help.

Designed to hold your hand as you walk through the maze of wedding planning, it really is like having Mireya’s gentle guidance and expertise at your side. She covers everything you’ve thought of and lots of things you won’t have and really gets to the bottom of green myths such as ‘is throwing rice bad for the birds?’ …

From electronic invites to avoid paper waste, to using local food this book has it covered and will show you ways to display your values and your commitment to a lifestyle that says the future can be brighter if we take personal responsibility for change.

Mireya covers some excellent guidelines of what a ‘green wedding’ should entail before taking you through every aspect of planning your eco friendly wedding:[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1584797126[/amazon-product]

  1. The number of guests who have to fly or drive should be minimal
  2. The bride’s dress should have a second or third life
  3. The registry (gift list) should not be just about ‘us’
  4. The flowers should not be grown or cut by exploited workers
  5. The food should be local, seasonal and organic where possible
  6. Any party favours should be more useful than a plastic trinket

The book is holistic; towards the end, after the wedding and honeymoon are over, you’ll find a section on making a lifetime commitment to being green. From low VOC paints, to solar panels to commuting, you’ll find advise on how to live lightly on the earth, happily ever after.

If you’re planning your own green wedding, then be sure to have this book top of your reading list!

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  1. Jim on December 17, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    No one ever considers the guest list when they plan a green wedding. Perhaps the quantity of people, but not where they are coming from. Great consideration!