How to eat radishes – 7 recipes

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radish-recipesIn our first Abel and Cole organic veg box we had a humongous bunch of radishes.

We normally eat these fresh during the summer, but receiving them when there was snow on the ground felt like quite a challenge.

And apart from eating them as a salad garnish, what can you do with them anyway?

Here are some the ideas we’ve been experimenting with and I’d love to hear yours:


You can’t beat sliced crisp radishes generously rolled around in your favourite dip!


Grated radish makes a wonderful addition to coleslaw. Instead of being a pale, uninteresting dish it suddenly becomes alive and vibrant

Stir fry

If you slice them finely and hang onto them until the last minute, radishes make an interesting and delicious addition to stir fries


Look at this beautiful colour: it’s grated cheese and radishes which I then mixed with mayonnaise and used as a sandwich filling


Potato salad

Mix finely sliced radishes with new potatoes and chives before slathering in mayonnaise

Mashed potato

Grate radishes, mix with grated cheese and mix them into mashed potato for a zingy topping

Radish Raitha

Grate your radish into a cup of yogurt along with finely diced cucumber, add coriander leaves and salt to taste. The perfect partner to curry.

What about you – what are your favourite radish recipes? I’d especially love to hear of any recipes that involve cooking the radishes.

We’d like to thank Philips for sending us an Avance juicer and Abel and Cole for our delicious fruit and vegetable boxes


  1. nadine sellers on February 18, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    i do have a radish incident to note here: once the weather turned so hot and dry that my radishes grew piquant, too hot to enjoy with sea salt or butter–so–i committed them to the stir fry and they were sweet and still a bit crunchy..
    later i used the rest of that batch to fill out my stew pot..they turned pink and tasted like the mildest turnip ever..a hint of cabbage in the background, lovely little slices.

    i dried some as i do turnip slices for dips, if they are not so fibrous (woody) they make very thin vege snacks.

  2. Stacey Couch on February 24, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Glad to see my post on radishes inspired you to this fun article! Radish, the under-appreciated vegetable. Hope your February has been going well.

  3. Mrs Green on February 26, 2012 at 8:41 am

    @nadine sellers: Thanks for sharing your experiences here Nadine; I would have never have thought to put them in stew – who knew!

    @Stacey Couch: Thanks Stacey, I remember your lovely article and then we got some in our veg box, so it seemed the ideal post to write!

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