Wellness water filter review

woman drinking water from a glassMr Green has a strong reaction to chlorine. He refuses to drink tap water unless it is filtered and even brushing his teeth or flushing the toilet makes him gag. After a bath his eyes are red and streaming and his lungs are dry.

This has led us to trying out several water filters and today we’re going to share our experience of the Wellness water filter.

Wellness water

Wellness Water is based in Australia and was founded with the goal to research and source the world’s best water filtration and enhancement technology for application in consumer, healthcare, spa, commercial and agricultural industries.

Their home water filter systems are relatively expensive, but they also produce a water jug filter or carafe for £50.00, so I decided to buy one of these and put it to the test.

Wellness water jug filter

wellness carafe
The wellness water jug filter was purchased from Health Leads and arrived well packaged, complete with one cartridge filter pre packed in a plastic sachet. The jug filter is constructed of non-bleachable high grade plastic, with a stylish indigo-blue design. It can hold up to 2.3 litres of water.

The design is fairly basic and follows the usual construction of an outer jug in which a smaller water reservoir is suspended from the top part of the jug rim. Within the raw water reservoir is a small central hole in which the cartridge filter is tightly situated to form a water seal between cartridge and reservoir.

Tap water can be poured into the reservoir where it falls by gravity feed through the filter cartridge containing the filtration medium and then into the jug ready for decanting. The jug filter is capped with a lid.

The build quality was reasonable, with no apparent moulding faults in the plastic. There was a noticeable lack of sharp edges and the whole construction felt sturdy and comfortable to hold and use.

Usage indicator or date marker

There is a primitive date marker on the top of each cartridge which requires you to set the month for reference. Each filter cartridge is calculated to process approximately 40 gallons or 150 litres of tap water before change is required. This has to be calculated by the user, based on a daily average, or counting manually.

The jug filter instructions say that the filter is designed to “process potable water, tap water that is municipally treated, or well water that is microbiologically safe to drink. People with specific water purity needs should consult with their physician before using any water filtration system.”


The usual prerequisites are detailed such as washing the jug first and to flush the unit through with 2 lots of filtered water before use. Assembly of the filter, reservoir, cap and filter cartridge was easy and intuitive with no difficult manoeuvres or fiddly bits. The instructions state that the filter cartridge should be inserted snugly into the reservoir.  The filter cartridge packaging states that the cartridge should be completely immersed in cold water for 15 minutes to allow bubbles to subside before inserting into the reservoir There is some discrepancy here, but in practice I don’t think this will make much difference if you allow at least 2 batches of filtered water to be discarded before use.


My old jug filter was a cheap Brita filter bought from a supermarket. I tried to insert the Wellness Water filer cartridge into the Brita housing and it fitted perfectly, producing an excellent water seal. The brita filter jug is much cheaper than the Wellness water carafe and it would seem feasible to buy the replacement filer pack to try this product on an old filter jug if you already have one. They are obviously standard cartridge filter size and compatible.

filter cartridgeWhat does this filter do?

Safely and significantly reduces chlorine, Lead and other harmful contaminants
Reduces offensive odours and sediments
Naturally conditions the water without adding sodium or other chemicals
Prevents scaling and build up of residue in cooking appliances
Deactivates harmful bacteria and mould in your water
Reconditions the water to restore taste and energetic balance.

The filter medium is the crucial component in this water jug filter. The wellness water jug filter is unusual in that it contains some very different and complex minerals to more conventional filters.

Organic activated carbon

The first and highest volume medium is carbon. Organic Activated Coconut Carbon removes up to 99.98% of chlorine and harmful contaminants such as lead, volatile organics and heavy metals. It also eliminates harder to remove low-level toxins that ordinary water filters cannot touch, including 98 to 99.9% of chlorine by-products (highly carcinogenic trihalomethanes) which are believed to be a major contributor in the development of many degenerative diseases.

Some of the contaminants treated are:

  • Chlorine
    Volatile organic compounds
    Taste and odour
    A range of heavy metals

Wellness filters

The filters contain the following:

Far-Infrared Ceramic which neutralizes free radicals and is believed to aid the body in fighting immune disorders, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Magnetite and magnets which reformats the memory of water molecules erasing the harmful electromagnetic frequencies of contaminants that are left behind after filtration (The Wellness Filter is the only known filter in the world to be able to prove this).

Tenko-Seki which naturally radiates far-infra red rays and acts as a medicine at the quantum level. Translated from Japanese, Tenko Seki means stone from heaven and it provides a natural antioxidant effect in the water. These highly beneficial antioxidants, the same as those found after a storm or by a waterfall, help rejuvenate the skin and completely invigorate. Antioxidants have been shown to neutralise free radicals and therefore aid our immune system, preventing infection and degenerative breakdown.

Bakuham is a unique volcanic stone that is the only mineral ever to have been officially certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a medicinal mineral. Bakuhan balances pH and imparts unique structural properties that contributes to the the unique ‘Wellness effect’. It possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which when combined with beneficial sub-micron minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica (which are slowly released by this mineral stone), leads to a very rare type of water that has been shown to have many unique and beneficial health effects.

Quartz crystals improve waters wetting ability whilst imparting a natural sweet taste to the water.

The taste!

The first few litres of filtered water were not outstanding, maybe I should have submerged the filter cartridge in water according to the alternative instructions. However by day 3 the water was running much quicker through the filter and tasted marvellous. It’s difficult to describe a water taste as it is very subtle. The raw water I was filtering was Gloucestershire tap water and totally undrinkable to all except those dying of thirst. It is a very hard water, loaded with chlorine and a distinctive sharp after taste.

The resultant filtered water was very smooth, with a clean minerally taste. All taints of chlorine had completely gone and there was no sharp after taste. The water actually tasted full and refreshing, as opposed to some bottled waters or ultra pure waters which can be flat and lifeless.


An excellent product, both structurally and in its ability to deliver fine tasting water. The Wellness water website publishes pages of information on its products, although not much on this jug filter. However the filter mediums are well documented and supported by independant tests and certifications.


  1. Jon Rodgers on February 7, 2011 at 8:56 am

    We have tried many filters over the last 4 years and I would suggest this is one of the best we have seen. If you use just one type of media in the filter you do not filter enough of the plethora of contaminants in the water. These filters are great and wonder if they can be fitted to water coolers?

  2. Mrs Green on February 8, 2011 at 8:09 am

    @Jon Rodgers: Hi Jon, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t know if they can be fitted to water coolers as I’m not sure how they work. A call to the company should answer your question 🙂