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5 tips for implementing a recycling strategy at work

cafecrush by unisan recycle cans cups bottles

With the plastic carrier bag tax in full swing here in England, I’ve been thinking about recycling recently. We do what we can at home to recycle as much as we can, and I’m fortunate that I work from home too. So I can be pretty much in control of what goes into my bin.

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14 ways to reduce indoor air pollution

Indoor Air Pollution Infographic

As you know, we run a couple of woodburners here at Chez Green, and although I wouldn’t swap them for the world, they DO produce a lot of dust and dirt. Which is why I’m getting in the mood for a good spring clean.

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How to dust and polish without using toxic chemicals

So far you’ve learned lots of recipes for keeping your home clean. From the bathroom to the kitchen and laundry, you’ve discovered how to keep things fresh and sparkling without the use of toxic cleaners. Today you’ll find out how to polish furniture and keep your home dust free!

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