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Nine Ways To Protect The Bees

A month or so ago, Small Footprints encouraged us to protect the bees for our Change The World Wednesday Challenge. As you’ll be aware, we love taking care of our buzzy bees here at Chez Green.

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Is anaerobic digestion the answer to renewable energy?

I’m a great believer that one man’s trash is another’s treasure, especially in our current state of depleted resources where we need to preserve as much as we can. I’m an avid user of Freecycle; where items that are of little monetary value, but too good to throw away are given to the people who…

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Home made recipes for cleaning the bathroom

You’ve discovered how to shine you sink and keep work surfaces free from germs. You’ve also learned how to make your own laundry products and how to unblock drains without toxic chemicals! Today we’re going to the bathroom to make recipes to keep your shower, bath and tiles looking great. You’ll even find out how…

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