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Full moon in Gemini – and eclipse!

What an auspicious day! Not only is Tuesday a full moon. Not only is it the winter Solstice, but it’s a full moon eclipse too! The full moon in Gemini (Tuesday 21 Dec 2010 at 03:13) is the perfect opportunity to have a big party because Gemini loves nothing more than to socialise. The more…

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6 tips for a green wedding

A wedding should be a feast for the eyes, and Mireya Navarro‘s ” Green Wedding” will help you achieve this whilst keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. Will full colour photos, “Green Wedding” contains all the information you need to plan your eco friendly celebration. The average wedding costs a small fortune, but have…

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Planing a natural wedding?

Seasonal, eco chic, vintage, DIY – if these words spring to mind when planning your wedding I have a treat for you! Louise Moon has written “The Natural Wedding Book”, published by Sawdays. When you bear in mind a wedding can be all about love for your partner, but an assult on the earth, Louise…

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